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The difference between RGB light strips and magic light strips

With the rapid development of technology, RGB light strips and fantasy light strips have become two popular lighting products. Even though they look similar, I believe many people are still confused and don’t know how to choose. This article will compare the differences between RGB light strips and magic light strips in five aspects to help everyone better understand their respective characteristics.

Definition and Principle

RGB light strips and phantom light strips are both LED lights, but their principles are completely different.

RGB light strips are composed of LED lamp beads in three colors: red, green, and blue. Through different current controls, various color changes can be achieved, while the RGB color space Broad enough to blend almost any color.

The magic light strip uses IC chips. Each chip is an independent control point that can accurately control the color, brightness and lighting effect of each LED, so it can show special lighting effects such as beating, flowing, and flickering.

Control method

The RGB light strip can be remotely controlled through the remote control or APP. The brightness and color of the light strip can be adjusted, and various functional modes can be set. Because it supports IC chip control, the magic light strip has more powerful functions, such as music control mode, interactive mode, timing mode, etc. At the same time, all operations can be completed through voice control.

Installation method

Installation of RGB light strips does not require professional skills, and is suitable for DIY enthusiasts to install by themselves. It can be installed by sticking or aluminum strips.

Because the illusion light strip requires an additional control chip, the installation is more complicated than the RGB light strip. It requires more professional skills and tools. Generally, a professional electrician is required to install it.


RGB light strips are rich in colors and suitable for daily applications such as living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, etc., and can achieve good lighting effects and ambience effects.

The magic light strip is specially designed for emotional enhancement and scene creation. It is suitable for special occasions such as bars, cafes, stage performances, etc. It can create a beating neon effect, which is very eye-catching.


Because the magic light strips use more advanced IC chips, they are relatively more expensive than RGB light strips. Among them, different brands and models will also differ. Generally speaking, the price of high-end magic light strips may be close to more than twice that of RGB light strips.

RGB light strips and magic light strips each have their own characteristics and usage scenarios. If you just want simple lighting and atmosphere effects, then RGB light strips are enough; if you need more advanced lighting products with interactive and scene-creating functions, then the illusion light strips are worth trying. Of course, no matter which light strip you choose, you must pay attention to the safety issues of installation and use to ensure the quality of life and health.

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