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Make Your Life Colorful

Many years of experience in the LED strip lights

Rooted in production, deeply involved in the high integration of smart homes and products

13 Years Manufacturing

We started production and business in domestic market since 2011.

Our team has more than 13 years of experience in the field of LED strip lights, especially full color LED strip lights, full color LED lights for indoor and outdoor application.

Integrating R&D, production, sales and service into an international high-tech company.

Fullcolorled factory

Friendly Worldwide

Our products are approved CE, RoHS, UKCA, FCC, etc. And we will ask for a new testing from certification authority if necessary in your market.

We are friendly with customers all over the world, fast response from our customer service.

Whatever you need, please submit a request to our support team, we will show different plan to you.

Believe that we always provide good quality, factory price and best service.

R&D and Production

A professional manufacturer focuses on research and development of LED strip lights

Control System

Smart Lighting


We accept custom LED strip lights include design PCB board, logo and packaging, welcome the buyer send their sample for color comparison service

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Main Products

Mainly engaged in LED strip lights, Full color LED lighting and control systems

Single color

Warm white and other monochrome light strips are used for indoor lighting

RGB color

Color changing light strips for interior decoration

Full color LED strip

Digital LED light strips are used for entertainment and create a visual feast

COB LED strip

Mini COB light strips can be used in a variety of narrow locations

Neon lights

Single color and color-changing neon lights for indoor and outdoor ambience control

LED strip for plants

Full spectrum or red to blue ratio grow lights for plants


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What We Did

Since the widespread use of machines, we have entered a new production period. Some production processes are replaced by machines, so our workers will focus on inspecting raw materials, adjusting machines, testing semi-finished products and finished products for quality control.

We have developed our own product intelligent control system to make it more efficient.

On the basis of continuous product updates and reforms, we have also developed new products that are more energy-saving and lower-cost.









Voice from Customers

Recognized and recommended by customers from all over the world


Alex Smith

“The light strip is easy and quick to install and has a long service life. I often change the light strips to different colors to match my club.”


John Wilson

“It feels good when I got it. I tested it and it works. I have ordered a batch of customized models before. This time I ordered a complete set at the request of the customer..”


Craig David

“It’s waterproof LED strip lights. I order a batch every month for use in surrounding farms..”

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