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No main light, just COB LED strip light are enough

There is not a single main light in the house, and the COB LED strip light are used as the main lighting. It looks simple and grand, and is much more upscale than the main lights. At the same time, the home is several times brighter. It is better to try this design without a main light. Just install a light strip above the corridor or ceiling. The effect is really good.

The traditional main light design is simply a hit when installed in the home, not to mention that it is used in every home. If not installed properly, the space will look messy. But a light strip in such a corridor is different. When the lights are not turned on, it is a hidden design, but when the lights are turned on, it is a linear design, which adds to the high-end feel of the overall space.

Although the main light design can play a very good lighting role, it cannot illuminate all the spaces in the home. There are always some nooks and crannies that are still dim. But a light strip in the corridor is different, bringing light to any space in the home.

So where and how to install it specifically?

The simplest method is to install it directly at the edge space on the top of the corridor wall, which can also play a certain invisible role.

Before installation, the specific installation location must be determined first, and then grooves should be dug to facilitate the later embedding of the long light strips. After the installation is completed, check whether it is stable to prevent it from falling during use.

Of course, in addition to one light strip, you can also install two light strips on the wall above the corridor →

If you dislike the uneven lighting effect of one light strip, then install a light strip on each side of the symmetrical space on the top of the wall. The lighting effect will be better and it can also play a strong decorative role.

You can also add downlights in the middle for matching lighting, and the effect is pretty good.

Since the establishment of Roll-to-Roll Optoelectronics, its positioning has been very clear, focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality COB flexible LED light strips.

In the emerging segment of COB light strips, on the basis of ensuring product quality and service, the price is as low as possible “Friendly to the people”, the COB light strips it produces are deeply loved by users.

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