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IP68 outdoor waterproof led light strip

LED lights come with multiple levels of waterproofing, and the required level of waterproof protection is determined based on the actual use environment.

IP68 waterproof light strip is the highest level of waterproof light strip and can be used underwater. The service life of the light strip is different depending on the water quality.

For example, the service life of waterproof light strips used in natural pools is different from those used in swimming pools. The swimming pool contains disinfectant substances that will corrode the material of the light strips, thus shortening the service life of the light strips.

IP68 waterproof light strips are usually waterproofed by silicone glue extraction and PU full glue filling. They can be put into water for use.

The material used in waterproof LED light strips makes them more flexible and easier to install and design.

Waterproof LED light strips are used in:

  • Outdoor building lighting, hotels, office buildings, shopping mall exteriors, etc.
  • Swimming pool project
  • Bridge lighting
  • City park lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor lighting in cultural and creative towns
  • Outdoor lighting at tourist attractions
  • Outdoor lighting in major urban markets, etc.

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